Patent Value

Innovation is a key capability of company to achieve sustainable excellence.

Based on superior technology and product differences, creating value, maintaining green-growth momentum, and developing core technologies, patent quality and customer management are strengthening IP strategy sustainably. By investments in innovation, patent map, innovative incubation and patent development, management and risk control in intellectual property assets, combined with R&D and manufacturing resources management, internal audits and a bonus system, actively encouraging green innovative technologies and creating high-value intellectual property assets.

R&D focused on flexible, innovative market applications

Our investments in innovation as a percentage grow further each year. New technologies and new applications raise the value-added of sustainable products and bolsters the competitive power of AUO’s high-end and new applications.

Maintaining prominent position of the global in the patent applications and granted patents.

We have built up strong capabilities in R&D and patent applications.The number of the granted patents in the global exceeds 18,500, 99% of which are utility patents.

Thanks to its R&D power, AUO’s IP value is recognized worldwide

Selected in 2013/2014 and 2015/2016
for Ocean Tomo 300®patent index The Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Index (OT300) is the industry’s first index based on the value of intellectual property, and represents a diversified portfolio of 300 companies that own the most valuable patents relative to their book value. The Index is priced and published by the NYSE Euronext (NYSE Euronext: OTPAT). Two related Indexes - the Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Growth Index (NYSE Euronext: OTPATG) and the Ocean Tomo 300® Patent Value Index (NYSE Euronext: OTPATV) - complete the suite of Indexes

One of Taiwan's indicator companies in innovative technology

2020 Ranked 3rd in the number of granted patents
In the top-5 for seven consecutive years 2014 & 2015 & 2018 : 3rd
2016 & 2017 : 4th
2019 & 2020 : 2nd