2020 / 11 / 18

AUO's All-Round Performance in Sustainability Garners 13 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)

As Well as the Global Corporate Sustainability Award (GCSA) and Recognition of International Evaluation

The Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) ceremony was held today (18th), and AUO received 13 awards for our extraordinary performance in sustainability. These include the "Top 50 Taiwanese Companies Sustainability Award," "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report Awards - Platinum Award," "English Report Award – Gold," "Climate Leadership Award," "Circular Economy Leadership Award," "Sustainable Water Management Award," "Social Inclusion Award," "Creativity in Communication Award," "People Development Award," "Gender Equality Award," "Growth through Innovation Award," "Transparency and Integrity Award" and "Supply Chain Management Award." The company was acknowledged by the panel of judges for its exceptional performance in dimensions including the environment, society and governance. At the same time, the "AUO GreenArk Journey - From Industry Water Optimizing to Sustainable Ecosphere" received the Outstanding Practice from Global Corporate Sustainability Award (GCSA), making AUO the only enterprise to garner the top honor this year.

Organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, the TCSA is a reputable and credible corporate sustainability award and an important benchmark of corporate sustainability performance. AUO has earned the judges' recognition with its outstanding performance in corporate comprehensive performance. While striving to increase corporate competitiveness, AUO also takes into consideration the environment, society and the values of corporate governance, as well as communicate with the stakeholders using transparent and credible reports to foster information sharing and exchange. According to AUO Chairman and CEO Paul SL Peng: "Faced with the impact of climate change and changes in the trade and political conditions, enterprises are faced with monumental challenges, so the company will continue to elevate AUO's soft and hard power steadfastly, as well as openly collaborate with our partners in the value chain to foster a win-win situation and materialize the goal of corporate transformation and sustainable management."

Guided by the Sustainability Committee, AUO progressively continues to advance the goal of sustainability through the 3 major systems of AUO EPS. In terms of the environment, AUO has implemented comprehensive climate actions, devised the optimal water management formula, and strived to conserve water and reduce carbon emissions through systematic management, technology introduction and the application of AI smart technology, so as to mitigate the impact of extreme weather and make adjustments accordingly. AUO also vigorously facilitates a circular economy by decreasing the consumption of raw materials, developing sludge reduction technology and turning waste liquid into valuable metals to form an external circular economy business model and generate added values. In the field of solar power, AUO continues to develop smart solar power plant operations and management systems as well as pursue innovative service opportunities. As a result, the company's efforts have been recognized by receiving the "Climate Leadership Award," "Sustainable Water Management Award," "Circular Economy Leadership Award" and "Growth through Innovation Award."

In terms of corporate governance, AUO has demonstrated a high-caliber corporate governance system by receiving the "Transparency and Integrity Award" as well as being ranked in the top 5% in Corporate Governance Evaluation by the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE). This year, the company was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the 11th consecutive year; besides exceptional performance in economic and environmental dimensions, AUO has also attained full scores across 8 items including materiality, customer relationship management, policy influence, environmental reporting, environmental policy and management system, climate change strategy, social reporting and human capital development. At the same time, the company has been listed in the Forbes' World's Best Employers for our emphasis on employee equality and development as well as creating a happy workplace. AUO also helped the Gap of Learning & Field (GOLF) to form an organization, thereby facilitating the industry and academia to build a learning platform and ensure the seamless integration between graduates and industry talent needs. As a result, the company has received the "People Development Award" and "Gender Equality Award" this year. For the "Social Inclusion Award" and "Creativity in Communication Award," AUO has engaged in diverse interactions with 9 stakeholders through advancement projects and brand management. Through visits, engagements, experience sharing, and collaborations, we listen to the needs of the world and seek opportunities to forge strategic alliances in a bid to generate momentum for common good.

Winning the "Supply Chain Management Award" affirms AUO's efforts in strengthening global partnerships and expanding the benefits and impact of sustainability in response to the SDGs. By sharing experiences and achievements in CSR including the CSR Partners Conference, Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) audit practice, and energy conservation guidance, AUO has launched initiatives with our suppliers and formed alliances by upholding the spirit of sharing, guidance, and setting an example. The aim is to facilitate sustainable developments in the supply chain and form a sustainable CSR ecosphere together.
AUO clinches 13 TCSA awards. The awards are presented by President Tsai, Ing-Wen (left) and accepted by AUO Chairman Paul SL Peng (right)
AUO's achievements in environmental, social and governance sustainability dimensions in the TCSA have been widely recognized (left: AUO Chairman and CEO Paul SL Peng; right: AUO CSO Ku Hsiu-Hua)
"AUO GreenArk Journey" received the GCSA's Outstanding Practice
AUO is committed to developing renewable energy by building solar powers and developing smart operations and management systems