Value Chain Emissions Management

Value Chain Emissions Management

Carbon Reduction Commitments and Policies


AUO began auditing the GHG emissions of our global manufacturing sites in 2003, and the ISO14064 standard was introduced to disclose emissions-related information through external verification. We developed a digital platform internally in 2010 to systematically manage the organization‘s GHG emissions as a means to managing long-term operational carbon reductions.

Innovative Low-carbon Production
  • Progressive reduction of F-Gas
  • F-GHG volume reduction
  • Ecological benefits indicator management


  • All factories have installed L / S.
  • Reduce the emission of high GWP fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-GHG) with an efficacy of more than 99.5%.
Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Energy conservation efficacy verification
  • Smart energy monitoring and control


  • More than 1000 energy management proposals in 2022.
  • The annual electricity saving rate is 2.57%.
Promote Renewable Energy
  • Power from renewable energy
  • Green certifications


  • The photovoltaic power generation system on the factory rooftops have a total installed capacity of 42MW.
  • Taiwan's total solar power generation was reached 52.27 million KWH in 2022.
  • China's factory has generated and used 11.073 million degrees of renewable energy.
  • China has purchased 40 million degrees of G-REC.

Innovative Low-carbon Production

Greater Energy Efficiency

Promote Renewable Energy

Innovative Low-carbon Production

Unit:tonnes CO2e



Full implementation of F-GHG management (scope1)

Reduction of fluorine-based gas emissions(F-GHG), with high greenhouse gas emission potential in the process, reaching destruction removal efficiency over 98.88%


Signed a memorandum with the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce F-GHG emissions by installing destruction removal facility: Local Scrubber (L / S) for new fabs.


Voluntary commitment to install destruction removal facility: Local Scrubber (L / S) for all existing fabs.

  • All factories have installed L / S
  • The installation rate is 100%
  • Improve the performance of L/S
  • Assist customers to meet the highest standards of EPEAT
  • Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the usage of F-Gas
Accumulated reductions and Emissions per unit area in PFCs

Greater Energy Efficiency


Energy use and power saving goals

Unit:100 million degrees



Continuous improvement of energy management (Scope2)

More than 500 energy management programs every year, exceeding the target annual energy-saving rate 1.5%.


Introduced ISO / DIS 50001 demonstration


Received the world's first ISO Manufacturing 50001 certificate in


Introduced ISO 50001 verification in all factories


ISO 50001 global verification and renewal.

  • Integrated Green Production (GP) into ISO 50001 management system operation
  • Developed of Energy Management System plattorm (EnMS)
  • Built the energy and design specifications of machine procurement.

Ensured measurement and verification of energy-saving solutions in EnMS informatio platform


Annual electricity saving rate over 1.5% and hold the Energy-saving performance award competition


Developed the wireless electronic meter and approval process for EnMS, increasing the data accuracy


Applied internal carbon prices to improvement proposals


Introduced IPMVP audit system

AUO energy-saving effectiveness over the years

The power saving plans including actual investment and management actions contributed power saving rate over 1.5%.

Promote Renewable Energy

  • Power from renewable energy
  • Green certifications
Rooftop Solar Power Plants in Taiwan factories
  • The installations of the solar power plants in all sites in Taiwan achieved a total installed capacity of nearly 42 MW.
  • The first TFT-LCD manufacturing company in Taiwan to obtain renewable energy certificates with a total of 125 T-REC certificates.

Total installation

42    MW



18.5    hectares

(25.8 football fields)


Power generation

146650    kWh / day


Electricity supply

14665    households / day


GHG Reduction

28248    tones CO2e / Year

(72.6 CO2 absorption of Daan Forest Park in one year)

Scope 3 GHG emission


Greenhouse Gas Management Milestone

2020 Introduce ISO 14064-2018 and receive the certification, making AUO the first company in the display panel industry
Scope 3
Start the Scope 3 carbon inventory of the value chain

employee business Travel (Total of 1 item)

New inventory item

waste,employee commuting,subsidiaries,fuel energy(Total of 5 items)

Expand the scope of inventory

raw materials of upstream and downstream transportation and purchase ( Total of 8 items )

Develop systematic management of Value Chain Accounting (VCA) platform

Scope 1&2
First year of greenhouse gas inventory
Introduce ISO 14064-1 third party verification in 2005-2006, and obtaine declaration for all factory areas
Respond to CDP' s disclosure of the carbon management mechanism Counsel the supply chain to introduce greenhouse gas inventory
ECA platform systematic management
Conduct inventory and verification demonstration plan Expand required inventory Target for suppliers
2012 to Present
Participate in the promotion of all greenhouse gas projects of the Environmental Protection Administration

previous project verification, development of offset methodologies, and declaration operation of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act

Historical GHG Emission

Go Beyond CSR,
Create Shared Values