Honesty-Intelligence Scholarship

Integrity is a core value of AUO

Even as information technology is growing at a bewildering pace in today's information society, we believe that the cultivation of ethics and the accumulation of knowledge are essential to the enlightenment of the mind as well as social progress and harmony.

Society needs more honest, intelligent people who embrace the ideals of integrity (honesty) and do things in an efficient way (intelligence). A range of charitable activities aimed at cultivating honest, intelligent people are therefore organized by AUO to promote a proper world view at the grassroots level, and convey the values of practicality to the next generation.

  • Employees voluntarily donate one or multiple days of their salaries to the Honest-Intelligent Scholarship
  • Help students from poor families or those that suffered an abrupt change in circumstances continue with their studies
  • Elementary and junior high school students from poor families of good character who strive for elf-improvement are prioritized to help them continue with their studies.
  • All donations are put on record and used only for scholars and camp events.
  • AUO has collaborated with the education departments in Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City, Taichung City , Tainan City and Pingtung County  to nominate and select eligible students so that the money can go to students that truly need it.
2025 Targets
Subsidy amount: Approximately NT$168 million
Donors: Around 36,000 people
Recipients: Over 47,000 people

DADA’s Magic Science Camp

Starting in December 2016, AUO also partnered with the National Museum of Natural Science and the Yuan T. Lee Foundation to organize “DADA’s Magic Science Camp”,1-day science camps for junior high school students given the scholarship. The camp boosted the influence of the scholarship while giving back to society.

A survey found that DADA’s Magic Science Camp helped with the students’ learning performance and development of personal relations.

  • One out of every two students that took part became interested in science due to the event.
  • One in five also met new friends through the event.

Link: DADA' s Magic Science Camp video

SROI SROI, Social Return on Investment: Third-party quantitative analysis of DADA’s Magic Land in 2017 conducted by KPMG found that every dollar of Honest-Intelligent Scholarship invested by AUO in DADA’s Magic Science Camp made a very large and positive contribution society by generating $9.12 of social value.