Awards and Recognition


Dow Jones Sustainability Index

AUO has been a member of the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index (DJSI World) and the Dow Jones Emerging Markets Sustainability Index (DJSI Emerging Markets) for 12 consecutive years, and received the Global Sustainability Yearbook Sliver recognition. The company continues to operate ESG in three dimensions, adhering to the principle of transparency and integrity, exposing relevant performance and information.


MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes

AUO's compliance with the evaluation process and inclusion in the Leaders' Index helps us communicate our sustainability performance to our investors more effectively.
The MSCI ESG Leaders Index is an evaluation mechanism that looks at factors such as corporate governance, environmental protection, social engagement and risk exposure to identify businesses that demonstrate outstanding performance or high risk in each industry for investors' reference.
AUO was selected to the INDEX in 2022 and received an A rating to demonstrate more positive and specific ESG performance and communicate with investors.

CDP Worldwide

CDP was founded in 2003 by international mainstream corporate investment institutions, whose total assets under their management exceeded us $95 trillion. In order to reduce investment risks, these international investment corporations began to carry out CDP carbon disclosure projects for investment targets.
AUO received A leadership rating of A- affirmation in the Climate Change Assessment in 2021 and an A rating in the Supply Chain Consensus Assessment.

Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

Bloomberg's Gender Equality Index is based on data from 50 industry groups in 42 countries.
AUO has been selected for four consecutive years and has been honored globally for creating a friendly workplace environment. The index assesses gender data on recruitment, examining how well companies incorporate gender practices in employee care, external community engagement, product design and marketing.

EcoVadis Sustainability Rating

The sliver medal awarded by EcoVadis Sustainability Rating in 2021 gives AUO customers a better understanding of our sustainability performance.
EcoVadis Sustainability Rating conducts assessments based on the ISO 26000 social responsibility standard.

Viego-ciris Sustainability Rating

Vigeo uses the VE Connect online platform to manage ratings as well as collect and analyze three years of business ESG data. AUO was named the Top Performer in emerging markets category in 2021.

Oekom Sustainability Rating

AUO maintained a Prime rating in the electronics industry category.
The Oekom sustainability rating looks at publicly available information to assess a business' sustainability performance in the social / corporate governance and environmental protection aspects.


Sustainalytics is Europe's leading sustainer for 30 years and provides international institutional investors with environmental, social and governance ratings for more than 14,000 companies around the world.
The risk score of AU 2022 ESG is 16, which belongs to the low risk range. For details, please refer to the official website of Sustainalytics.


2021 World Economic Forum “Global Lighthouse Network”

AUO Taichung Fab 3 has been selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the “Global Lighthouse Network,” reflecting the company’s accomplishments in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). AUO not only boosted its production capacity through smart manufacturing and realized its vision on environmental sustainability but also empowered employees to enable the successful transformation of talent.

2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award & Global Corporate Sustainability Award

In order to encourage enterprises to improve the quality of business sustainability issues and the amount of governance information disclosure, and to strengthen their attention and investment in maintaining Sustainable development, friendly environment and public welfare society, the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy has been holding the "Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award" competition for 14 years. Au won a total of 14 awards in 2020.

Since 2018, in addition to the Taiwan Sustainability Award, the Foundation has added global Enterprise Sustainability Award (GCSA), and AU won the world's best Project award in 2020 with AUO GreenArk Journey

2020 SID’s David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize

The David Sarnoff Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry is presented by SID International, the world's largest professional display society. The award recognises highly regarded leaders for their outstanding contributions to the industry. Director Peng led the company team, long-term investment in display technology cultivation and commercial development, while not forget to actively promote corporate social responsibility, promote industrial chain cooperation, and implement green and intelligent manufacturing, stood out from the industry leaders and won this high honor.