AUO Foundation

AUO Foundation

Strategy and Roadmap


AUO believes that sustainable corporate development must take the economic, environmental and social aspects into account. The AUO Foundation was therefore founded to make a positive contribution to society by promoting the philosophy of sustainability through environmental protection and social engagement. The core missions of the AUO Foundation are “protecting natural ecology, improving the quality of life, promoting environmental education and engaging in social welfare.” Foundation activities include environmental and general science education, green living, conservation of nature and culture, and volunteering in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.


Volunteer Operations

Green Volunteers

Demonstrate commitment to the environment by becoming personally involved in environmental protection initiatives. E.g. Taking part in the plastic-free green action campaign.

Charity Volunteers

Volunteer through donations and provision of companionship. E.g. Regular participation in charity services.

Education Volunteers

Promote the philosophies through science and environmental education classes/camps.

Cultural Volunteers

Cultural volunteering are mainly undertaken at Yeo-Yuan-Ju, Shantou Village and Sidadun Kiln Story House in the hope of communicating local cultural treasures to the society at large.

Green living


Employees are encouraged to embrace an energy-saving low-carbon green lifestyle. Changes in lifestyle habits promote a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way of life.

Environmental and general science education


The AUO environmental educational facilities at Taichung and Longtan convey general science knowledge to students and provide them with a variety of educational opportunities.

  • DADA’s Magic Science Camp - 10 classes/year

    Around 600 people/year

  • Taichung and Longtan / Environmental Education Facilities

    Around 3,700 people/year

  • DADA’s Magic Land

    Around 4,000 people/year

Conservation of nature and culture


Around 4,500 saplings are planted by 1,500 volunteers every year as part of the Green Party event to make a contribution to environmental sustainability.

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