GOLF Program

Industry-University Integration to Cover the First Mile in Employment

The GOLF(Gap of Learning & Field) Program was launched by AUO and partner enterprises to bridge the gap between university education and industry expertise. Internship training programs were launched at 12 universities in December, 2017, in the hopes that a combination of advance professional online courses and offline business internships and visits will encourage students to connect with the industry through industry-university cooperation and live up to the spirit of putting theory into practice.

The GOLF Program has now attracted a number of business and school partners. The extensive training and internship resources of these companies are used to provide over a hundred e-learning courses and more than 570 internship places. By connecting university education with the abilities in demand with the industry, we hope that the power of businesses and schools will inspire other fields to join in the endeavor. This will in turn pioneer an innovative model for bilateral connection between industry and universities for resource sharing.

Quality Education

Ensure equal access to fair and high-quality education as well as the promotion of lifelong learning

SDGs list
2025 Targets
Expand the number of university and business partners in the GOLF Program
Enhance the quantity and quality of online courses
Establish industry and professional qualification mechanism
Promote internships and recognition of academic credits
Promote project-based internships and employment tracking
38 companies
48 schools
over 200 classes
Global Internship and Employment Opportunities
over 14,198 persons
Registered members
about 5,016 persons
Sharing of university and business resources a win-win for both industry and universities

Create a diversified industry sharing platform for cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge

Innovative Strengths
  • University recognition of academic credits
  • Advance online training in chosen specialization
  • Offline practice to get the jump on the industry
  • Employment and talent reservation

The GOLF Program launched by AUO, Compal and Wistron consists of 24 enterprises that have committed to sharing their enterprise resources with the universities. The goal is to create a collaborative platform for combining theory with practice, and the industry with universities.
Four Policies
Campus Development

Provide joint technology R&D, talent development awards and corporate instructors; promote project-based courses with academic credits.

Sharing of Internal Corporate Know-how

Sharing of internal practical training courses as well as experience Taiwan's first apprentice panel factory.

Learning Benefits

Develop an e-learning platform to provide both the industry and universities with a cloud-based training and learning service.

Platform for Putting Theory in Practice

One on one mentoring mechanism for project-based learning to effectively combine classroom theory with industry practice