University-Industry Transition

University-Industry Transition

AUO CSR EPS   Targets

Inclusive Growth

Business growth should take the diversified development of key stakeholders into account to promote inclusive growth for all.

Integrating academic and industrial resources to educate the youth


AUO, as an optoelectronic enterprise, actively integrates school curriculums and industry resources through “learning by doing” and “doing by learning.” The academic-industrial projects with enterprises and schools as well as joint campus activities help students understand the latest optoelectronic technologies, quickly absorb industrial R&D and manufacturing knowledge, and accumulate workplace experience. They also enable optoelectronic companies to foster talents and jointly develop product technologies, building up a pool of outstanding talents for the industry, and give back to society through materially raising young people of sustainable work.

GOLF (Gap of Learning & Field), an industry-academic collaboration alliance

AUO brings together diverse industries to connect with higher education, open up collaboration between the academia and industries, and infinite implement

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AUO global youth employment enhancement

By professional knowledge learning and practical case studying, AUO lays a foundation for optoelectronic development and build up talent pool for the industry.

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