Cultural Tolerance

Cultural Tolerance

Diversity and Tolerance

The cultivation of a diversified corporate culture

The cultivation of a diversified corporate culture based on the principles of “equality, inclusion, development” is a longstanding initiative at AUO. A variety of programme, mechanisms, systems and exchange activities for promoting bilateral assimilation turns Filipino employees into AUO backbone. The corporate sustainability philosophy of employee inclusivity can then be realized.

  • Recruitment plan based on fair employment
  • Incentive strategy to attract and retain talents
  • Separate career tracks for specialists and managers
  • Quality communication for two-way employee relations
  • Friendly and caring living/working environment
  • Personal care program for health and safety

Taiwanese-Filipino interactive events


An inclusive workplace is valued by AUO. Cultural exchange activities are therefore promoted to serve as platform for local and Filipino employees to network with each other and develop a greater mutual understanding.

The “Filipino Cultural Festival” event was therefore introduced in 2017. The event was organized into three exhibition areas: My Beautiful Homeland, Your Island and My Dream, and Cultural Experience. The cultural experience and understanding of folk customs served to realize the objective of multi-cultural tolerance in Team Up.

Sessions hosted

35    sessions


> 17000    visitors

Employee Care


A friendly workplace is cultivated to let Filipino employees concentrate on their work. A variety of services were also added to let employees cultivate their talents/skills in comfortable surroundings and make friends with each other.

  • Filipino shops
  • Filipino meals
  • Beauty and nail parlors
  • Group practice classrooms
  • Function Rooms
  • Interactive Cooking of Filipino-Taiwanese Dish
  • Fun challenges
  • Taiwanese-Filipino basketball competition
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