Global Youth Employability

Building a Pool of Young Talents for the Future Development of the Optoelectronic Industry

AUO is cultivating talented people for the optoelectronic industry by leveraging its core expertise to give back to society. A platform for industry-university integration has been set up to provide hands-on experience with panel production processes as well as offer short/medium/long-term internships and job opportunities. Students are introduced early to the industry so they can build up experience, plan their future career and boost their employability. More than 9,000 internship and job opportunities have been provided around the world to date.

Number of internship and job opportunities provided to students around the world
has increased by 800%, to date
Inclusive Growth

Business growth should take the diversified development of key stakeholders into account to promote inclusive growth for all.

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A+ Internship

More than 1,700 outstanding interns have been cultivated around the world over the last 18 years starting in 2004.

The defining feature of the AUO A+ Internship is “project-based internship.” During the two months of internship, each and every A+ seed intern will be assigned a clearly defined project mission and a designated mentor to help them adapt to the company’s environment and their work.

Towards the end of their internship, the projects undergo a series of strict reviews and the most outstanding performers are given job offers and a generous bonus in the hopes of persuading more top students to join the ranks of AUO in the future.

The very first TFT LCD module plant in Taiwan dedicated for internship & industry-academia cooperation activities

AUO used an existing 3.5 Gen production line to set up the only TFT LCD module plant in Taiwan dedicated for internship & industry-academia cooperation activities.