Organization of the ESG & Climate Committee

Organization of the ESG & Climate Committee

Medium and Long-term Sustainable Development Strategy


The ESG and Climate Committee was established by AUO to serve as the top governing body for the company’s sustainable development and to continue overseeing the sustainability transformation of the company. Strategic directions for medium and long-term sustainability developments are overseen by the Chief Sustainability Officer and dedicated sustainability units.

Integrating the Sustainable Development Strategy with Core AUO Operations.

The AUO core philosophy of sustainability attaches great importance to stakeholder management and communication as well as both financial and non-financial performance. The AUO CSR road map aims to realize the AUO sustainability vision by “Go Beyond CSR, Create Shared Values.”

AUO Green Solution
CSR Committee was established
Established the position of CSO and a dedicated CSR unit
ESG and Climate Committee
Core Strategic Policy

Go Beyond CSR,Create Shared Values

Go Beyond CSR,Create Shared Values

ESG and Climate Committee Operations


The AUO ESG and Climate Committee is headed by the company chairman and is divided into separate sub-committees. Tier-1 executives chair these sub-committees to oversee their activities and interunit collaboration. The blueprint is expanded into group targets and policies that are reviewed every month. The sub-committees report to the Chairman and make decisions on important issues every quarter. They also report their performance to the Board of Directors every year in accordance with the CSR principles.


Working principles of each group

Operations Sustainability


  • Take action on climate issues by engaging in mitigation, adaptation and action all at the same time.
  • Examine resource value and look for circular business opportunities based on system scale.
Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Embrace advocacy, sharing and mentoring to build a CSR eco-system with suppliers.
Corporate Citizenship
  • Talent cultivation and grassroots education
  • Strengthen CSR DNA and volunteer power, emphasize environment and culture, and create social value
Business Risk Management
  • Monitor global risk trends
  • Establish structural risk management processes
  • Reduce operating impact and identify business opportunities
Stakeholders Engagement
  • Qualitative and quantitative engagement through a variety of channels
  • Cultivate relations with business partners

The SDGs Focus on Value Chain


AUO combined the AUO CSR EPS sustainability themes with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The relevance of SDGs to businesses, operations or the up- and down-stream business activities were examined in terms of the overall value chain in order to expand our positive influence, reduce or avoid negative impacts, and fulfill the sustainable development goals within the company.


Six Key CSR Themes and Outcomes


AUO initiatives are aligned with the six key themes of "Corporate Governance," "Environmental Sustainability,""Science Education," "Cultural Preservation," "Social Citizenship" and "Inclusive Workplace." AUO has also leveraged its own expertise, site attributes and self-expectations to expand its influence to stakeholders. AUO seeks to become a CSR benchmark enterprise for the value chain and work together to create a CSR eco-system.

Corporate Governance

Demonstrate professional governanceby strengthening the structure and operation of the Board, providing stakeholders with more balanced disclosure, and protecting investor interests.

Environmental Sustainability

Adapt to climate change through green products, green manufacturing, circular economy and other dimensions. Strive to reduce the impact on the environment by exceeding mandatory laws and specifications.

Science Education

Build on the core business to promote science education to the general public. In addition to crafting the largest learning facilities for photonics and visual display principles in Taiwan, AUO is also the first manufacturing enterprise in Taiwan to possess two environmental education sites.

Cultural Preservation

Factory construction at the Suzhou, Xiamen and Taichung sites followed the principle of respecting and protecting local cultural heritage. Exhibition spaces were set aside for visitors so that technology can exist in harmony with culture.

Social Citizenship

AUO is not only active supporter of charitable initiatives but also encourages employees to take part as well. Partnerships have been formed with other nonprofit organizations to consolidate resources and give back to society.

Inclusive Workplace

Employees are provided with comprehensive systems and facilities for work, life, learning and career development. Outstanding progress has been made in areas such as gender equality in the workplace, ethic and multi-generational fusion, exceeding the quota for disabled employees and looking after the mothers.

Go Beyond CSR,
Create Shared Values