Talent Development

World Class Macroscopic Education Policy

A people-centric adaptive learning and development system is essential for businesses seeking sustainable development. AUO has always valued the growth and development of our employees.
In addition to providing macroscopic, high-quality and diversified learning opportunities that enhance the continued employability of employees and strengthen the talent pool of the industry, AUO has combined its world-class education policy with an organizational development direction to develop career development road maps tailored to employee requirements. Internal educational resources are also leveraged to bring about a value transformation at AUO through improvements in technical ability, leadership and execution.
To realize the philosophy of inclusive growth in society, training resources are also shared for external uses to expand our influence and fulfill our corporate responsibility on sustainability.

Quality Education

Business growth should take the diversified development of key stakeholders into account to promote inclusive growth for all.

SDGs list
Practical on-the-job training
Productivity and quality are improved by enriching employee knowledge and skills through education and training.
Long-term talent development
Employee growth and business development goals are aligned through the effective utilization and development of human resources.
Plentiful training resources
Sufficient company resources are invested into employee development from the moment they report for work.
Comprehensive development road map
Training is available at different stages of the employees’ careers, such as the new employee orientation. AUO also adopts different training methods at each stage, such as on job training, self-study and so forth in order to achieve the best results.
Diverse career pipelines
The career development of AUO employees are divided into the “Management Track” or “Professional Track” based on their personal performance, work requirements and the company’s strategic direction. Employees promoted to management roles are provided with the training appropriate to their position and grade.
For the specialist track, the “Basic” and “Advanced” technical development programs are offered to employees on the basis of seniority. Under the “Expert System,” employees with extensive technical experience and outstanding inventions can be named a “Principal Researcher,” “Chief Researcher” or “Fellow,” responsible for spearheading further technical breakthroughs and developments at AUO.
Global talent development bet resources and outcomes in 2021
Global average degree of satisfaction 9.5 /10
Global training costs 49,104,000 (NTD)
Global employee training average hours in 2021

Key Success Story

Recommendations for outcome assessments are set by AUO based on the training objectives of the talent development plans to ensure that the training outcomes match the training requirements, and to connect performance with business results.

Course on the Practice and Application of the Problem Solving Process

A competition on improvement projects that apply problem analysis and solving is held every year to hone the problem-solving skills of our employees and boost the overall competitiveness of the company through the cultivation of quality skills. Learning courses are paired with the project improvement competition for the engineers and technicians invited to engage in the problem-solving activities through systematic logical thinking. The process is used to create a common lexicon at every level of the company, so that the company or department level performance targets can be met.

Year 2016 2017 2018 2019
Project Benefits(NTD) > 0.4 billion > 1.3 billion > 2.3 billion > 7.0 billion
Training ROI(NTD) > 1,500 > 2,000 > 3,000 > 6,000
PLC Talent Development Program

AUO designed the PLC Talent Development Program as a way of improving project execution through a combination of structured professional knowledge courses and expert mentoring. Savings in materials and maintenance costs amounted to more than NT$20 million.