Talent Development

Talent Development

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Quality Education

Business growth should take the diversified development of key stakeholders into account to promote inclusive growth for all

World Class Macroscopic Education Policy


A people-centric adaptive learning and development system is essential for businesses seeking sustainable development. AUO has always valued the growth and development of our employees.
In addition to providing macroscopic, high-quality and diversified learning opportunities that enhance the continued employability of employees and strengthen the talent pool of the industry, AUO has combined its world-class education policy with an organizational development direction to develop career development road maps tailored to employee requirements. Internal educational resources are also leveraged to bring about a value transformation at AUO through improvements in technical ability, leadership and execution.
To realize the philosophy of inclusive growth in society, training resources are also shared for external uses to expand our influence and fulfill our corporate responsibility on sustainability.


Global talent development bet resources and outcomes in 2022


Global average degree of satisfaction

9.6  / 10

Global training costs

61044000  NTD

Global employee training average hours in 2022


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