CSR Policy and Principles

CSR Policy and Principles

Sustainability Policy and Principles


The AUO sustainability policy was formally adopted in 2015 by a resolution of the Board of Directors. Formulated in accordance with international trends and the relevant standards, the policy encompasses a total of 12 items spread across the three aspects of governance, environment and society. The policy not only serves as the ultimate guide for the sustainable development of AUO but also complements the CSR principles that the company has publicly committed to in its pursuit of sustainability.

Committed to business sustainability

With the“Bright Innovation, Amazing Life”vision, AUO is committed to business sustainability by balancing economic, environmental, and social needs.

Uphold the highest standards of integrity

We uphold the highest standards of integrity. Any and all forms of bribery, extortion, corruption, and Illegal profits are strictly prohibited.

Weighing risk and opportunity

Weighing risk and opportunity, we create benefits for our customers, shareholders, employees, and relevant stakeholders.

Compliance with the laws and regulations

We operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations, and adhere to internationally recognized standards and initiatives.

Dedicated to technology advancement

As the company takes on the mission to be a global leader in green solutions, we foster continuous product innovation and are dedicated to technology advancement.

Strengthen partnership

By strengthening partnerships with our value chain, we seek joint value optimization and positive impacts.

Improve resource usage

We believe enhanced resources and greater energy efficiency will stimulate a more circular economy.

Reduce environmental load

We wish to reduce adverse environmental impacts, mitigate climate change, and preserve ecological balance.

Respect and safeguard human rights

We support the Universal Declarations of Human Rights and place importance on equal opportunities, diversified career development, and labor rights.

Provide a Friendly Workplace

We promote work-life balance and maintain a comfortable and safe environment to ensure human capital development.

Deep-rooted public welfare activities

With "Integrity & Introspection" , "Caring & Contribution" , "Execution & Excellence" and "Passion & Professionalism" as our core values, we actively engage in corporate citizenship and make valuable contributions to the society.

Build mutual trust dialogue

We promote greater transparency and accountability by enabling proactive information disclosure and sharing.

Sustainability Principles

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