CSR Policy and Principles

Sustainability Policy and Principles

Formulation of AUO sustainability policy in accordance with international trends and the relevant guidelines

The AUO sustainability policy was formally adopted in 2015 by a resolution of the Board of Directors. Formulated in accordance with international trends and the relevant standards, the policy encompasses a total of 12 items spread across the three aspects of governance, environment and society. The policy not only serves as the ultimate guide for the sustainable development of AUO but also complements the CSR principles that the company has publicly committed to in its pursuit of sustainability.

The AUO Sustainability Policy
  • With the“Bright Innovation, Amazing Life”vision, AUO is committed to business sustainability by balancing economic, environmental, and social needs.
  • We uphold the highest standards of integrity. Any and all forms of bribery, extortion, corruption, and Illegal profits are strictly prohibited.
  • Weighing risk and opportunity, we create benefits for our customers, shareholders, employees, and relevant stakeholders.
  • We operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations, and adhere to internationally recognized standards and initiatives.
  • As the company takes on the mission to be a global leader in green solutions, we foster continuous product innovation and are dedicated to technology advancement.
  • By strengthening partnerships with our value chain, we seek joint value optimization and positive impacts.
  • We believe enhanced resources and greater energy efficiency will stimulate a more circular economy.
  • We wish to reduce adverse environmental impacts, mitigate climate change, and preserve ecological balance.
  • We support the Universal Declarations of Human Rights and place importance on equal opportunities, diversified career development, and labor rights.
  • We promote work-life balance and maintain a comfortable and safe environment to ensure human capital development.
  • With“Integrity & Introspection,”“Caring & Contribution,”"Execution & Excellence,”and“Passion & Professionalism”as our core values, we actively engage in corporate citizenship and make valuable contributions to the society.
  • We promote greater transparency and accountability by enabling proactive information disclosure and sharing.
Corporate Governance Policy and Principles

AUO has defined polices for enterprise integrity, anti-trust, taxation, quality, and conflict minerals. These take the form of the Articles of Incorporation, Ethical Corporate Management Principles, Corporate Governance Principles, Code of Ethical Conduct for Directors and Senior Management as well as the Board of Directors Self-Assessment of Performance. Corporate governance procedures and rules are now fully documented through the Rules for the Election of Directors, AUO Rules and Procedures for Shareholders Meeting, Organic Charter of the Audit Committee, Organic Charter of the Remuneration Committee, Regulations for Prevention of Insider Trading, Handling Procedures for Providing Endorsements and Guarantees for Third Parties, Handling Procedures for Acquisition or Disposition of Assets, Handling Procedures for Capital Lending, Handling Procedures for Conducting Derivative Transactions, as well as Policy and Procedures for Complaints and Concerns Regarding Accounting, Internal Accounting.

Environmental Policy and Principles

AUO environmental safety & health (ESH) and energy policies are based on expectations of overall ESH and energy performance. Company business philosophy, outcomes of environmental assessments, statutory requirements, resource requirements, pollution prevention and stakeholders are also taken into account. The supply chain is required to adhere to the rules on hazardous substances as well.

Human Rights Policy

AUO believes that human rights protection is the foundation for the sustainable operation of a corporate. To ensure that every employee is treated fairly and with respect, we follow the internationally recognized human rights conventions, and established the Human Rights Policy. A four-step due diligence process was developed to ensure the operation activities within the AUO Group do not violate human rights in any way, protecting the rights and interests of all employees and value chain partners.

Commitments and Policies
  • Freedom of employment
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Prohibition of child labor
  • Prohibition of illegal workplace violations
  • Providing employees with comprehensive wages and benefits
  • Ensuring the health and safety of employees, and freedom of assembly and association...etc.
Human Rights Policy
Four-Step Due Diligence Process
  • Human rights risk identifications
  • Proposing preventive measures against the identified risks
  • Monitoring human rights issues through the establishment of various committees and multiple communication channels
  • Mitigating the impact of human rights damages through audits, human rights protection programs, and employee assistance programs

Internal/External Audit
Total 39 Audits
Seminars Hosted
Total 13 Seminars
over 18,000 Persons
Quality Policy and Goals

AUO is committed to the punctual delivery of high-quality green products to our customers around the world. We also maintain long-term partnerships with our customers. AUO continues to build our solid technical expertise to maintain our technological leadership. We also strive to develop products that offer high value, highly cost-effective products that benefit both AUO and our customers. AUO complies with national regulations and customer requirements on hazardous substance management. A green quality management system has also been set up to fulfill our corporate responsibility on the sustainable development of the environment.

  • Boosting quality awareness through quality micro-learning
  • Cultivate AI expertise to refine our quality ability
  • Continuous improvement management goals: Projects and proposals
  • Refer to Green quality management
Quality Commitment
High-quality products

are the result of high-level technical expertise and a sophisticated quality culture. Elaborately developed training courses are used by AUO to boost the quality awareness and ability of all its employees. Manufacturing and service quality are also enhanced through continuous improvement activities to increase customer satisfaction.

Total Quality Management

This is the foundation of our basic approach to “quality.” The quality policy defines the core of our total quality control and fulfills our quality commitment to customers.

AUO Taxation Policy

AUO has investments in multiple countries as a leading global supplier of opto-electronic solutions so changes in national taxation policies are closely monitored. Potential taxation risks for local AUO operations are also assessed in the following way.

  • Adhere to local tax laws; calculate and pay taxes correctly
  • Support local government’s tax policies on business innovation and reinvestment
  • Handle tax matters with the utmost ethical standards
  • Maintain open and positive communications with tax authorities
  • Disclose tax information in financial statements and annual reports in strict accordance with reporting standards and laws
  • Evaluate impact and response measures for changes in taxation laws
  • Learn the latest developments/changes in local tax laws, and convey them to employees through internal training
Conflict Minerals Policy
AUO's Statement on Conflict Minerals
  • AUO restates that AUO and its suppliers shall assume responsibility together for community and environment protection.
  • AUO does not accept the gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), and tungsten (W) mined illegally in Congo or conflict areas near Congo.
  • AUO will inform and ask its suppliers to perform the above statement.
Conflict Minerals Management
Conflict Minerals Component Verification

Require suppliers to investigate factories of the components they supply.

Conflict Minerals Material Management

Monitor material certification and implement procedures for exceptional circumstances.

Conflict Minerals Reporting

Provide relevant documents to support customers’ conflict mineral investigations.

Conflict Minerals Supply Chain Management

Conduct audits on suppliers to make sure they possess the relevant procedures and capabilities.

Conflict Minerals Education & Training

Provide employees/affiliated companies/suppliers with the proper training on conflict minerals.