Patent Value

Patent Value

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Through proactive intellectual property management, we encourage our employees to remain innovative and commit to generating outstanding intellectual property to optimize our competitiveness and increase the Company’s profitability.

Intellectual Property Management Measures and System


AUO has stipulated the Intellectual Property Management Guideline, Innovation and Patent Management Regulations, and Employee Innovative Invention Incentive Regulations.

Intellectual Property Management Guideline

“Intellectual Property Management Guideline” encompasses 4 dimensions including intellectual property policy, the scope and ownership of intellectual property, intellectual property management, and incentives, clearly defining the strategic goal and operating guideline of AUO’s intellectual property.

Innovation and Patent Management Regulations

Innovation and Patent Management Regulations mainly describe the organization and responsibilities of intellectual property management, innovative proposal management, patent and trade secret management, as well as establishing an innovative environment

Employee Innovative Invention Incentive Regulations

To encourage employees to engage in innovative invention, Employee Innovative Invention Incentive Regulations provides “proposal bonuses”, “patent application bonuses“, and ”proprietary asset onuses“ to encourage our colleagues to help accumulate the Company‘s intellectual property for the sake of strengthening AUO’s international competitiveness.

Patent Management Measures
  • Expert group meetings
  • Obtain appropriate patent
  • Patent asset utilizing project
Innovative Environment
  • IP system and platform/li>
  • Education and promotion
  • Innovation incentive
Trade Secret Management
  • Document and information classification
  • Trade secret agreement
  • Manage confidential document carefully
Risk Management
  • Comply with law and regulation
  • Monitor IP risk and opportunity
  • Identify value/risk

Patent Proposals and Expected Performance


After obtaining the patent certificate, IP Office will coordinate with relevant units to categorize the patent certificates, thereby gaining a complete understanding of the Company‘s intellectual property asset values and conditions.


To maintain corporate competitiveness, AUO has created an intricate risk management system to ensure legal compliance during technology planning and production, providing patent risk and opportunity information that can be used by the decision-makers for determining values/risks.


We also have a comprehensive control mechanism in place to prevent and respond to infringements, effectively monitoring key technology patent rights globally and maintaining AUO’s intellectual property rights and market position. In doing so, AUO‘s intellectual property rights can be managed adequately, and the intellectual property right of others can be respected as well.


AUO’s Intellectual Property Rights Strategic Deployment and Outcome


We have built up strong capabilities in R&D and patent applications.The number of the granted patents in the global exceeds 20,000 , 99% of which are utility patents.

Distribution of Number of Published Patents


>  600


>  600

2015-2022 Global Patent Applications and Certificates

R&D focused on flexible, innovative market applications

Our investments in innovation as a percentage grow further each year. New technologies and new applications raise the value-added of sustainable products and bolsters the competitive power of AUO’s high-end and new applications.

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