Business Continuity Management

To ensure business continuity, AUO continuously monitors and invests in risk control and response preparations for potential external and internal operating risks that may impact the company’s operations. The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is one element in this effort, which helps, in the event of an incident, to maintain key business operations at acceptable and agreed levels. From 2008 to date, AUO has had a BCP in place and has carried out various drills to respond to fires, earthquakes, chemical spills, infectious diseases, and raw materials supply shortages and has had risk management strategies in place and will continue to develop its BCP response capabilities in different scenarios.

Business Continuity Management
Water shortages
Reduced precipitation, lowered levels of water in water reservoirs, causing fears of production water shortage
Production line response drills for dealing with damage to production machinery and equipment in the factory caused by earthquakes
Fire in the server room impacting operations
Infectious diseases
Response drills to announcements of regional outbreaks of infectious diseases
Raw materials supply shortage
A sudden major accident at a raw materials supplier causing a shortage of raw materials supply.
Digital threats
Production machinery encountering a computer virus
Cyber security response drills

We monitor the impact from online attacks against our Company’s operations. In collaboration with an external cyber security company, we carry out drills against cyber attacks against our integrated manufacturing IT system. We have response measures in place to strengthen AUO’s risk tolerance for online attacks.

Water shortage

AUO monitors the water shortage crises across Taiwan caused by insufficient precipitation and regularly reviews its response measures. We also hold drills whereby our water tanker and production lines are adjusted under various moot water shortage scenarios.