Letter from the Chief Sustainability Officer

Letter from the Chief Sustainability Officer

AUO 2025 Sustainability Goals


The importance of corporate sustainability responsibility is now becoming increasingly important in the global ICT industry. Investors are beginning to pay attention to both business’ financial operations and sustainability performance. The “AUO Green Solutions” unveiled in 2008 marked the start of a total approach to sustainability by focusing AUO’s efforts in seven key areas: R&D, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Service, Recycling, and Employee Participation. Through the re-structuring of the CSR organization in 2018 and activities to build consensus on the sustainability vision, we successfully connected our core competitiveness with the SDGs to finalize our 2025 Sustainability Goals. AUO hopes that the CSR capabilities that we have built up over the past decade will see us become the next leader in sustainable enterprises.


Building a Sustainable CSR Capability


Employee training was strengthened to build up consensus and forge an all new sustainable AUO. A training road map based around CSR offers employees classes that cultivate different types of CSR skills based on their role and professional background. To build a CSR-oriented corporate culture, an awareness campaign utilizing multiple channels also keeps employees up to date on the latest CSR news and AUO reports. Increased emphasis was placed on key issues such as green production and responsibility, carbon and energy, and circular economy. For our partners, we used sharing, guidance and role-models to work with suppliers on fulfilling our sustainability responsibility; in social care, we leveraged our core expertise and social return on investment tools to establish AUO’s efforts and social benefits in science education; corporate risk governance is enforced to enhance the integrity of our risk controls.

The cultivation of stakeholder interactions serves as the cornerstones of sustainability management at AUO. There is still a long way to go in the future on the path of sustainability. AUO hopes that everyone can work together for a better world.

AUO Chief Sustainability Officer Amy Ku

Go Beyond CSR,
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