Global Charity Events

Charity clubs and events

To fulfill our philosophy of caring for social welfare and helping local disadvantaged groups, employees at AUO plantssite around the world have set up charity clubs and taken part in plantthe charity events. These include making regular visits to charities to provide companionship, cleaning, mentoring, gift-giving, fund-raising at the plant and other charitable activities. Such services help their targets continue their education, receive early treatment and stock up for holiday festivals.

2025 Targets
Increase volunteer participation from 27,783 to 88,000 times
Increase hours of service from 43,927 to 180,000 hours
Getting approval from the institution
Charitable Activity Features
  • AUO established AUO Foundation in 2019, making an impact on key sustainable development areas such as environmental protection, science education as well as social and cultural participation. It also developed a comprehensive volunteer system that recruited Charity Volunteers, Green Volunteers, Education Volunteers and Culture Volunteers. Enthusiastic participation by employees led to more than 7,400 volunteer service sessions totaling over 22,000 hours in 2019.
  • Charity Volunteer :Charity Volunteers focus on social welfare through donations of money, goods and companionship for the disadvantaged. Most of the volunteering is taken through local charities, institutions and the Wish Program.
  • Green Volunteer :Green Volunteers focus on environmental protection and green sustainability. By supporting tree planting, coastal clean-up and other environmental initiatives, these volunteers take a direct role in environmental action to promote environmental awareness and do their part for the planet.
  • Education Volunteer:Education Volunteers take part in popular science and environmental education courses, camps and summer camps at venues like Dada’s Magic Land, Environmental Education Facility at Taichung site and AUO GreenArk at Longtan site. Guided tours and camps are used to communicate optoelectronic knowledge, water resource concepts, environmental education and local cultural knowledge to disadvantaged students from the remote, rural area.
  • Culture Volunteer: Volunteering mainly takes place at the Sidadun Cultural Site to introduce the Sidadun Klin Heritage preserved during the construction of the Taichung Fab. Through guided tours, volunteers communicate the cultural importance of the site as well as the philosophy of sustainable development, adding on AUO’s efforts to achieve a balance between technology, history and culture.