Green Production

Leading in sustainable innovation, becoming the best partner for green product solutions

The Earth’s natural resources are finite. Thus, besides continuously developing innovative and forward-looking functionalities, we also focus on the usage rate of our natural resources. We provide sustainable products that are beneficial to raw materials recycling, re-use, energy-saving. From the design stage, we raise the environmental benefits, enhance products circularity level to build a competitive power based on green products.

Circular Production

Reduce the environmental impact of the production process; take circular economy value and extended applications into account

SDGs list
Recycling and re-use

Develop technologies to recycle and re-use materials and raise the usage rate of resources-to-products.

Easy to disassemble and repair

We apply recycling-friendly design rules to product repair and re-use.

Optimization of environmental impact

We simultaneously raise product functionality and sustainability that balance the ecology and resources.

A thought on product life cycles

As we raise product usability throughout their lifecycles, we also raise their functionality and value and reduce energy waste and environmental impact in order to create green business opportunities along the value chain.

Product Lifecycle Management
Product carbon footprint

We develop products that reduceCO2 emissions to benefit the environment. After assessment we have improved hotspots, which stimulated innovative R&D for products and manufacturing processes.

PAS 2050
ISO 14067

Ecological impact indicators

We have created even more environmentally friendly product designs to provide innovative and ecofriendly sustainable products.

ISO 14045

Assessment of product sustainability

We consider economic, environmental, and social impact on the value chain from a sustainability perspective.


Product water footprint

We have reduced the water consumption of our products over their entire lifecycle, identified the hotspots of easy improvement to stimulate environmental innovation in our manufacturing processes.

ISO 14046

Materials cost calculation

From the very first design, we optimize the management of, reduced unnecessary waste, and reduced cost at the same time.

ISO 14051

Product environmental footprint

Comprehensive lifecycle considerations have reduced hazardous elements in order to prevent the product from impacting the environment and society.


Green Packaging and Transportation

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Green Quality Management

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