Group Purchasing

To give local ingredients their first preference.

AUO is fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by supporting agriculture. In 2008 we began supporting disadvantaged farmers in remote rural or designated regions through the group purchasing. Employees are encouraged to purchase or reserve hand-picked local produce as a direct show of support for local agricultural developments. AUO hopes this will not only help farmers by promoting fair transactions between growers, distributors and retailers, but also cut carbon emissions by reducing food mileage.

The group purchasing concept has also been extended to the ingredients used by employee cafeterias and shareholder meeting souvenirs. Group buys of agricultural produce and charity merchandise are also organized to encourage more people to give local ingredients their first preference.

Cumulative Direct Purchase Amount
NT$ 7,860,000
Percentage of New Growers
63 %

2025 Targets

Cumulative purchase products
Achieve cumulative sales
Over NT$ 20 million