Green Earth

Green Earth

AUO CSR EPS   Targets

Inclusive Growth

Business growth should take the diversified development of key stakeholders into account to promote inclusive growth for all.

Environment Care


AUO has long striven to achieve a balance between corporate development and protection of the natural environment by taking part in charity events on Earth care. We also mobilize our employees, volunteers and value chain partners to take an active role in caring for the Earth.

Green Party

To demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection, AUO supports Earth Day and Arbor Day every year by hosting the “Green Party” at our sites to improve landscaping and air quality. Continued efforts in the development of a green supply chain will also forge a future where industry development and the environment can coexist in harmony.

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Group Purchasing

AUO is fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by supporting agriculture. In 2008 we began supporting disadvantaged farmers in remote rural or designated regions through the group purchasing. Employees are encouraged to purchase or reserve hand-picked local produce as a direct show of support for local agricultural developments. AUO hopes this will not only help farmers by promoting fair transactions between growers, distributors and retailers, but also cut carbon emissions by reducing food mileage.

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