AUO's Corporate Governance Blueprint


AUO voluntarily emphasizes corporate governance, and we have also complied with the Financial Supervisory Commission‘s Corporate Governance 3.0 Sustainable Development Blueprint to enhance the Company’s sustainable development and strengthen our international competitiveness, ultimately developing into a sustainable and outstanding enterprise.

Implementation status of corporate governance related affairs in 2022
  • All members of the Board have completed at least six credits of continuing education.
  • The Company has filed for liability insurance for its Directors and important employees, and reports to the Board of Directors after the insurance has been renewed.
  • The Company has conducted performance evaluation on the Board of Directors and the functional committees. The evaluation results of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee, and the Remuneration Committee are all Exceeding Expectations.
  • The Company‘s results in the 89h Corporate Governance Evaluation had ranked among Top 5%. The training hours for the chief of corporate
  • governance totaled 21 hours in 2022

Board of Directors Meetings


Audit Committee Meetings


Remuneration Committee Meetings


Shareholders’ Meeting


CSR Committee Meetings


Corporate Governance Committee Meetings


Board of Directors


The duties of AUO’s Board of Directors include: Supervising the Company’s strategy, monitoring the management and the operation, and arrangement of the corporate governance system. It is also responsible for the Company and the Shareholders’ Meeting, and exercises its powers in accordance with the law, the regulations of Articles of Incorporation, or the resolutions of the Shareholders’ Meetings. In addition, through the disclosure of the Directors’ attendance at Board Meetings and interest avoidance status in the annual report, the requirements of each Director’s own responsibilities and obligations are emphasized to ensure the performance of Company monitoring and management.

Board Diversification

In accordance with the Company’s Corporate Governance Code, the board’s composition must consider the diversity. Company managers cannot make up more than one-third of the seats on the board, and appropriate diversity guidelines with regard to its operations, business situation and development needs must be drawn up to include standards regarding at least but not limited to the following two aspects:

  • Basic conditions and values: gender and age.
  • Specialist knowledge and skills: Specialist background, specialist skills, and industry experiences, etc.

Overall results
  • The result of the Board’s internal self-assessment was“exceeding the standards.”
  • The Board members are experts, autonomous and diverse
  • The Board of Directors oversees the operational departments’ planning and implementation of sustainability-related issues and the Company Leads the industry by being the first to appoint a Chief Sustainability Officer.

Independent Director seats

exceeds   50   

Female Director seats

is at least   4   

Board members with a management position within the Company

did not exceed   1/3

Board Performance Evaluation

The Board of Directors proactively implements sustainability governance, is deeply involved in the Company’s operations, and exhibits a high degree of self-discipline.
The performance of the Board of Directors is assessed annually


The scope of the assessment of the Board of Directors includes 45 indicators that fall under five aspects: level of participation in Company operations, enhancing quality of decision-making from the Board, composition and structure of the Board, nomination of Directors and continuing education as well as internal control.


The self-evaluation results of “Board of Directors”, “Audit Committee”, “Remuneration Committee” and “Corporate Governance Committee” of the Company in 2022 were all “Exceeding Expectations”, without any major improvement items. The evaluation results are expected to be reported to the Board of Directors in the first board meeting in 2023, which will serve as a reference for members of the Board of Directors and functional committees on their performance, remuneration, nomination and renewal.

Governance organization operation and execution

Go Beyond CSR,
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