Caring for Social Welfare

Giving back to society

In keeping with our philosophy of giving back to society, AUO invests large amounts of time and effort into fulfilling our responsibilities as a corporate citizen. We believe that social commitment is part of our corporate obligations. AUO has developed a sustainable CSR responsibility based on our core values. In addition to being an active supporter of charitable initiatives, we also encourage employees to take part as well. Partnerships have been formed with other non-profit organizations to consolidate resources, give back to society and expand our influence on social values.

Inclusive Growth

Business growth should take the diversified development of key stakeholders into account to promote inclusive growth for all.

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Honesyt-Intelligence Scholarship

The power of gratitude is transformed into actual social contributions to help children can’t afford their tuition expenses complete their studies.

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AUO Wish program

Fund-raising campaigns to let students from disadvantaged families enjoy a different kind of Christmas.

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Global Charity Events

Regularly volunteer at nearby charitable institutions to provide support and companionship to children and school drop-outs.

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