Integrity Management

Integrity Management

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Business growth should take the diversified development of key stakeholders into account to promote inclusive growth for all.

Implement Integrity Management


AUO is implementing integrity management through public education, declarations and systems in collaboration with various stakeholders. The scope of these efforts include fair competition, integrity policy and anti-corruptiontrust litigation.

Ethical corporate management principles

Printed English-Chinese bilingual poster s and posted in all managers’ offices to remind them to lead by example, adhere to ethical corporate management principles and provide employees with guidance on ethical conduct.

Intellectual property protection measures

Carry out intellectual property management training, partner with employees to advocate the duty and responsibility to protect intellectual property, and protect intellectual property through confidentiality agreements.

Information security management measures

Ensure the security of information systems as well available software/hardware warranties.

Compliance with insider trading laws

Uphold fair trade by prohibiting insider trading that gives certain investors an unethical and illegal advantage.

Antitrust compliance principles

The Company is committed to ensuring that all business activities comply with antitrust regulations.

Achievements of Integrity Promotion in 2022


All employees have been required to sign a declaration of integrity upon joining AUO since 2012. Integrity-related information is also communicated through case examples using site PA announcements, e-newsletter and bulletins, and electronic signs to strengthen employee awareness on integrity.

New employee corporate ethics course and the integrity declaration


1583 new employees

Signing rate

100 %

Advanced workshop


4 courses

Integrity Seven Preventive Behavior Education and Training


35000 employees

Achievement rate

96.34 %

Antitrust courses


11000 employees

Achievement rate

99.73 %

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