2020 / 08 / 24

AUO's 8K Display Panel, Circular Display and Flexible Micro Led Display Receive Gold Panel Award 2020

AUO announced today (24th) that the company has received 3 awards from the Gold Panel Award 2020, including the "Excellent Technology Award for the first (*) high-resolution 9.4-inch flexible micro LED display in the world" and Outstanding Product Award for the "85-inch 8K bezel-less TV display" and the "large free-form circular display." AUO has garnered the recognition of the judges with sound R&D capability and innovative products offering diverse applications. The award is organized by the Taiwan Display Union Association (TUDA) and executed by the Color Imaging Industry promotion Office (CIPO) under the supervision of the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA to commend manufacturers with exceptional performances in display technology.

The winner of this year's Excellent Technology Award is the first (*) high-resolution 9.4-inch flexible micro LED display in the world jointly developed by AUO and PlayNitride. By applying a high-speed mass transfer technology, more than 5.5 million micro LEDs less than 30um in size have been successfully transferred to the LTPS plastic backplane to reach the highest pixel density of 228 PPI in the world (*) for products of similar size and class, producing high dynamic range with a stunning high saturation of bright colors. The bendable and flexible characteristics of the LTPS TFT driven backplane significantly increases the freedom of product design and it can be applied to wearables or consumer electronics, especially car instrumentation clusters and center console, endowing smart vehicle applications with new possibilities.

AUO received the Outstanding Product Award with the 85-inch 8K bezel-less TV display, demonstrating the company's cutting-edge technology and innovation. Thanks to a brand new design, the bezel of the screen is minimized along with the width of the black matrix to achieve the world’s highest screen-to-body ratio of nearly 100% (*) and allows the screen to blend into the wall and the home environment seamlessly, creating an unparalleled immersive viewing experience. In addition, the 8K (7680 x 4320) ultra-high resolution and 120Hz refresh rate combined with QD (quantum dot) wide color gamut and HDR (high dynamic range) technology presents a smooth, motion blur-free high-quality video that caters to the needs of the premium home appliances market in the post-pandemic stay-at-home economy.

The 23.6-inch large free-form circular display (world's largest *) is another product that received the Outstanding Product Award, highlighting AUO's leadership position in large circular displays. With its large free-form cutting technology, AUO is able to break through the conventional rectangular form of screens and the company can provide customers with round or rectangular screens (customizable ratio and dimensions). Furthermore, the screen boasts features such as commercial/industrial quality, wide viewing angle, high brightness and weather-resistance that make it suitable for outdoor applications including double-sided advertising signs, public information signs, art installations and arcade games, etc. The screen not only increases interaction and attractiveness but also introduces novel visual experiences for the viewers. In the future, it is expected to be deployed in fields such as smart retail, transportation and entertainment to enrich the smart application ecosystem.

The award-winning products will be exhibited at the Display Innovation Taiwan 2020 and International Micro LED Display Conference 2020 in the NCTU CPT Building from August 26 to 27. This year's 2020 Touch Taiwan will take place online and AUO will take the opportunity to showcase its collection of cutting-edge display technologies. Everyone is invited to visit AUO's online exhibit pavilion.

* Video of AUO winning the Gold Panel Award 2020:

* Welcome to AUO's online exhibition pavilion on Touch Taiwan:

* Based on market data collected by AUO as of the date of the press release on August 24, 2020.
AUO large free-form circular display is applied to the double-sided advertising sign to endow viewers with a brand new visual experience.
9.4-inch flexible micro LED display jointly developed by AUO and PlayNitride.