2020 / 09 / 03

AUO CSR Partners Conference Focuses on Circular Economy and Outlines Sustainable Supply Chain Blueprint

Inspired by the concept of generating values together and sharing resources, AUO hosted the "2020 CSR Partners Conference" today (3rd), inviting over 45 enterprises and 100 suppliers to attend the function. It is hoped that with the support of its partners in the value chain, AUO will be able to consolidate the industry, create a comprehensive, sustainable ecosphere and materialize the UN's SDG (sustainable development goal) of partnerships for the goals, thereby striving towards a sustainable supply chain blueprint.

This year's AUO CSR Partners Conference features the theme of "circular economy," inviting Dr. Li-Chi Wen, the Director of the Center for Green Economy at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research to deliver a keynote speech on the industry trends, difficulties and opportunities of the global circular economy allowing the audience to gain insight into the topic of sustainability and circularity as well as the relevant laws and successful management case studies, etc. Dr. Wei-Lun Liao, AUO's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), also presented a keynote speech entitled "New Opportunities in Green Circular Economy" sharing AUO's 3 major circular economy strategies: Green Supply Chain, Green Products and Green Production. The aim is to increase the benefits of products using reclaimed materials and develop green opportunities in the value chain. Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Amy Ku also shared AUO's climate-related endeavors such as carbon management, sustainable talent cultivation, global outbreak prevention risk governance and stakeholder management, etc. under the theme of "Sustainable AUO - Co-Prosperity" to explain AUO's CSR actions in detail.

In light of deteriorating climate change, AUO has long been dedicated to decreasing the production process's environmental burden, generating resources with the suppliers, and optimizing energy consumption, including decreasing consumption and providing water conservation technologies and services. In collaboration with the suppliers, AUO has conserved nearly 5,000 CMD (cubic meter per day) of water. AUO shares long-term experience in sustainability with the supply chain, hoping to accumulate the practical experience and knowledge of upstream and downstream partners to create versatile added values that can foster business opportunities, thereby achieving the goal of using reclaimed materials as packaging materials and increasing the products' circularity. AUO will continue to work closely with supplier partners to attain a win-win situation.

In a bid to generate a circular economy and business opportunities along the value chain, AUO and its subsidiaries have endeavored to materialize a circular economy. Today, AUO Crystal Corp. was invited to demonstrate how nano-silica powder from the production process can be transformed into new liquid siliceous fertilizer through innovative purification and synthesis technology. Besides supplying plants with the necessary nutrients, it also effectively controls pests and decreases the use of pesticides, as well as increases the production and sale of agricultural products. The company also demonstrated its patented technology capable of producing water using silicon and hydrogen molecules, where pure silicon is activated to produce the silicon ore filter. The filter is combined with nanotechnology to generate natural pure water that is rich in hydrogen and silicon. U-Fresh Technology Inc., another subsidiary of AUO, also showcased AUO's proprietary 100% processed water recycling technology and smart control technology, where processed water is concentrated and reduced before it is passed through the high-efficiency evaporator to achieve zero emissions and effective utilization of resources. The aim is to ensure the effective utilization of resources and contribute to the sustainable development of water resources. This is a successful example of the company's endeavors in agriculture, industry and everyday life.

Suppliers are important strategic partners of AUO. In order to elevate the overall competitiveness in the industry and fulfill the company's corporate social responsibilities, AUO has applied the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct to reinforce the suppliers' management efforts in the environment and labor rights through initiatives, sharing and guidance. On the day of the event, awards such as " Outstanding CSR Partners Award," "Best Environmentally Friendly Partners Award" and "Best Society Inclusion Partners Award " were presented to commend AUO's exceptional supplier partners. AUO will continue to uphold the philosophy of co-prosperity and growth, as well as share the latest trends, labor and environmental resources with our suppliers for the sake of promoting a friendly and healthy workplace.

As risks that affect global business operations continue to occur frequently and impact the industry, the global supply chain deployment and collaboration should be more comprehensive and tightknit. With the sustainability vision and goal of "Go Beyond CSR, Create Shared Values," AUO will work closely with our supplier partners to establish a CSR platform, engage in digital transformation and risk governance to achieve the sustainable development of the corporate supply chain. AUO CSR Partners Conference invites over 100 suppliers to outline the sustainable supply chain blueprint Guests including AUO CSO Ku Hsiu-Hua, the Director of the Center for Green Economy at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research Wen Li-Chi, and AUO CTO Liao Wei-Lun were invited to deliver keynote speeches at the AUO CSR Partners Conference
AUO and subsidiaries have endeavored to materialize a circular economy, the photo shows patented liquid siliceous fertilizer developed by AUO Crystal Corp.
AUO commends the outstanding performance of our supplier partners in sustainability by presenting the Outstanding Sustainability Partner, Best Environmental Friendliness and Best Social Inclusion Awards. (3rd from left: Everlight Vice President Li Chia-Hao; 4th from left: Hwa Chang Executive Vice President Huang Chi-Yeh; center: Corning Taiwan President Daniel Tseng; 4th from right: Sumika Technology General Manager and CEO Shimomura Hideki; 3rd from right: JSR Micro Taiwan Chairman Hiroaki Nemoto.)