2018 / 11 / 22

AUO's All-round Sustainability Performance Honored with Ten 2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

The results of 2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) were announced today. Boasting an all-round performance encompassing corporate governance, social care and environmental protection, AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO)received a total of ten awards, including the annual“Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate”, “Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Platinum Awards” and “English Reportage Award”. Meanwhile, AUO Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Paul Peng was awarded winner of the first annual “Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA) - Professional” for his extraordinary efforts in linking corporate sustainable development closely with core operational strategies to pursue CSR targets.

The Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, held by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), has become an important indicator of corporate sustainability assessment. AUO has won the “Most Prestigious Sustainability Awards - Top Ten Domestic Corporate” for two consecutive years with its exceptional overall performance. While working to enhance corporate competitiveness, the Company has also striven to balance the sustainability values of corporate governance with social and environmental practices. AUO has achieved full disclosure of related results in its CSR report, and has been a recipient of the Corporate Sustainability Report Award for 11 years in a row. This year AUO’s CSR report was further bestowed “Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Platinum Awards” and “English Reportage Award” in recognition of its transparency and high credibility to communicate with stakeholders and foster information exchange.

Under AUO Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Paul Peng’s leadership, AUO has set sustainable operation as its core philosophy. Since the inception of AUO Green Solutions in 2008, the Green DNA initiative has been actively promoted, combining environmental care with operational strategies. In recent years, AUO’s growth momentum has been accelerating from value transformation, and competitive edge has also been strengthened to create added product value for customers. Chairman Peng has dedicated himself in the tech industry for over thirty years. During his tenure as TDUA Chairman, he was active in promoting supply chain integration and sharing of resources to increase overall industry competitiveness, having made tremendous contributions to the display industry. Chairman Peng’s contribution and influence to the industry’s sustainable development have won unanimous acclaim from the panel of judges and earned him the highest honor of the first annual “GCSA - Professional”.

This year AUO was also honored with awards for best performance in specific categories. Among the recognitions was the “Transparency and Integrity Award”, indicating that AUO has demonstrated high standards in corporate governance and implemented business philosophy of integrity and compliance to law in all aspects, including business operation, financial management and corporate culture. AUO has also endeavored to build a friendly and sound work environment. Regarding talent cultivation, the Company has proactively innovated and transformed its training platform and started a new wave of cross-sector learning in the business sphere. In terms of gender equality, AUO has proposed maternity care and work-home balance programs to enable female employees to exercise their potential to the fullest at work. This happy workplace philosophy has earned the Company “People Development Award” and “Gender Equality Award”.

Meanwhile, AUO’s focus on social care as a critical part of corporate social responsibility has made it a winner of “Social Inclusion Award”. To support the financially disadvantaged students, AUO has called upon its employees to donate to the Honest-Intelligent Scholarship for 13 consecutive years. Junior high school students who have won the scholarship were invited to join “Dada’s Magic Science Camp” to gain inspiration for science learning. According to the SROI (social return on investment) analysis to understand philanthropic influence, for every NT$1 of Honest-Intelligent Scholarship invested in the Dada Magic Science Camp, NT$9.12 worth of social value is created. Science education is able to take root, generating an incredibly positive impact on the society.

AUO values the importance of balancing business operation with green and sustainable development. The Company was granted the “Climate Leadership Award” and “Growth through Innovation Award” in recognition for its achievements in energy-saving technologies during production, innovative product designs and solar systems installation. It is estimated that AUO has devised nearly 1,500 proposals to save energy over the past three years, saving as much as 218 million kWh of electricity in total, the equivalent effect of reducing power consumption of 45,000 households or the afforestation of around 36 New York City's Central Park. In addition, AUO has worked to optimize the HVAC chilled water system at its Taichung site. By means of big data analysis and AI technologies, 1.12 million kWh of electricity in the HVAC system is saved each year. The Company was thus also honored the “Outstanding Energy Saving Performance Gold Award” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

AUO has linked its strategic CSR directives with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), outlining the Company’s short, mid to long-term sustainable development targets for 2025. It is hoped that “Go Beyond CSR, Create Shared Values” will be the vision that prompts the Company’s value chain partners to take the initiative together, and that a sustainable CSR ecosystem could be built to realize the long-term goal of achieving success enjoyed by all, building a harmonious society, and thriving with the environment.