AUO Obtains Taiwan's First IPMVP Energy Performance Verification-Setting the Benchmark for Business Energy Efficiency

AUO Optronics Corporation announced today (11th) it passed the IPMVP energy performance verification ahead of the industry. Through the most credible international energy performance measurement and verification protocol, the professionalism, substantivity, and objectiveness of internal energy-saving effectiveness computations can be strengthened. The company is Taiwan's first company to introduce IPMVP to execute energy performance management, thereby setting a domestic benchmark learning paradigm.

The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) has been promoted and formulated by the U.S. Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO), which is the most widely used international energy-saving performance calculation standard that produces fair, objective, and verifiable energy reports. The verification also serves as an effective method for quantifying and managing energy-saving performance and assists enterprises in confirming the energy-saving improvement performance reaches expected goals, thereby enhancing energy utilization efficiency and reducing environmental impacts.

AUO has, since the full implementation of the Green Commitment in 2008, actively engaged in energy and water conservation, environmental indicators, and raw material reduction, thereby achieving the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction through action. In order to strengthen independent energy management capabilities, the AUO has since become the world’s first manufacturer to obtain ISO50001 energy management system verification in 2011, taking the lead to introduce IPMVP. Through SGS, a professional third-party testing and verification agency, large energy-saving project performance inspections have been carried out, while pragmatic, scientific, and technological data-based energy management models have been established through engineering logic-based calculation methods. At the same time, AUO also hopes to cultivate energy-saving performance verification talents through the introduction of IPMVP, thus comprehensively enhancing the substantiveness of performance data.

AUO has closely integrated corporate sustainable development and business core strategies, has integrated horizontal resources to set up an interdepartmental sustainability committee, and has established a “carbon energy work team” to reduce risk impacts arising from climate change. In order to encourage employees to actively submit proposals, AUO has set the energy-saving proposal rewarding system, with about 500 proposals each year. In addition, through the establishment of a complete database targeting production machinery and equipment, AUO has installed frequency conversion and energy-saving devices to enhance power consumption efficiency. Moreover, through big data analysis and A.I. technology, real-time smart energy-saving control has been achieved. As of 2018, the cumulative total energy saved reached 96 million kWh.

In response to the global energy transformation trend, in addition to promoting innovative technologies and the rewarding system, AUO has gathered value chain partners to work together towards green manufacturing, low-energy product R&D, and the concept of a green material lifecycle to carry out systematic carbon energy management, hoping to achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 6.5 million tons of CO2 cumulatively, reducing the impact of business management on the natural environment, and setting an important milestone in the industry.
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