AUO Chairman & CEO Paul Peng Honored with Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards for the Responsible Business Leadership Category

Realizing responsible entrepreneurship in business management and creating sustainable ecosystems with value chain partners

AUO Chairman & CEO Paul Peng, leading the company’s corporate social responsibility development, is recognized with Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) for the Responsible Business Leadership category, among 205 nominees from 16 countries across Asia. While creating sustainable ecosystems with value chain partners, Peng also realizes responsible entrepreneurship in business and stakeholder management.

To acknowledge the active advocacy of Asian enterprises and leaders with respect to their business operation of corporate responsibility and sustainable development, non-profit organization Enterprise Asia launched AREA since 2010. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, AREA has been one of the most exceptional recognition programs across Asia. The seven major categories encompass the Responsible Business Leadership Award, which acknowledges Asian business leaders for championing sustainable and responsible business practices, and Green Leadership, Investment in People, Health Promotion, Circular Economy Leadership, Corporate Governance, and Social Empowerment.

Under Peng’s leadership, AUO has established the CSR Committee to oversee its sustainable development and transformation, constituting a comprehensive sustainability system with three major themes of AUO EPS (Environment, People, and Society) that stand for environment sustainability, inclusive growth, and flexible innovation. Further, AUO EPS themes have also incorporated with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to facilitate the operation with more substantiality. Annual performances are also reported to the Board of Directors to communicate stakeholders’ benefits, ensuring sustainability is thoroughly integrated into the company’s overall strategy. Moreover, environment sustainability is an important part of AUO business management philosophy. Through incorporating technical advantages to actively develop solar energy business, AUO continues to contribute to Taiwan’s energy transformation. At the same time, AUO supports Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and is committed in Science Based Targets (SBT), as we actively promote the company’s climate-related initiatives. Furthermore, sustainable techniques are extended to external services with the founding of a subsidiary company – AUO Envirotech, which provides customers with sustainable solutions through the turnkey output of water treatment and intelligent control technologies, aspiring to create more business opportunities and partners in sustainable growth.

Under the philosophy of “Go Beyond CSR, Create Shared Values,” AUO earnestly encourages its suppliers to devote in sustainable actions, forming alliance between upstream and downstream value chains, sharing techniques and inviting suppliers to dedicate in carbon reduction, water conservation, circular economy and other measures, thereby creating a sustainable ecosystem. Moreover, AUO core techniques are leveraged to advocate public environmental education via its environment education facilities. By incorporating cross-industry resources and capabilities, AUO effectively creates social influences and generates more values.

To fulfilling our promise to green energy, The AUO Foundation was therefore founded to nurture sustainable social citizenship, social philanthropy and social engagement with a company-wide volunteer system. Aiming at conserving natural ecosystem, enhancing living environment quality, advocating environment education, and practicing social philanthropy and care, AUO staff are invited to collaboratively reinforce social philanthropy efforts.

AUO thoroughly implements its sustainability philosophy in intelligent and green production, culture and public environmental education, and application of site-friendly products. We will continue to uphold our beliefs in collaborating with people of all industries for co-prosperity and expanding influential capability of value chains, as we vow to build a more robust and sustainable ecosystem.

AUO Chairman and CEO Paul Peng acknowledged by Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards
in the Responsible Business Leadership Category
Go Beyond CSR,
Create Shared Values