AUO Selected for Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) for 3 Straight Years – Receives Recognition for Efforts in Gender Equality

AUO announced today (22nd) that it has been selected for the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) award for 3 consecutive years. The index incorporates enterprises across 50 industries in 42 countries and AUO has demonstrated remarkable performance in numerous evaluation items, indicating that the company's endeavors in gender equality and friendly workplace have received wide recognition.

The Bloomberg GEI is designed by American professional financial media Bloombergand measures gender equality across five pillars: Female Leader and Talent Pipeline, Equal Pay and  Gender Pay Parity, Inclusive Culture, Sexual Harassment Policies and Pro-Women Brand. Every year, global enterprises with high levels of gender equality are selected and 325 of them were chosen for this year's GEI. In particular, most of the shortlisted enterprises come from the finance sector and AUO has maintained our outstanding performance across all dimensions despite an increase in the number of submissions from the high-tech industry this year.

AUO has always valued our employees' happiness, so we have strived to create a happy workplace with regards to career development and care. Within the company, the ratio of female managers has risen to nearly 28% as of late 2019, allowing them to pursue their career goals. We have established a fair and objective performance management system to complement the gender-equal remuneration policy. In addition to diverse, open sexual harassment prevention measures, AUO has also implemented a comprehensive 3-stage maternity care program that not only allows pregnant employees to receive the necessary resources but also help them to quickly adapt to their work after returning from maternity leave so that they can transition seamlessly between family and work.

AUO continues to pay attention to nearby communities as well as invest resources and time to assist the disadvantaged and women to seek re-employment, as well as lend a helping hand with community senior citizen caring and meal delivery service, pro-actively realizing the company core values of social care.

AUO launches comprehensive maternity care program to let female coworkers strike a balance between family and work.

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