2020 / 01 / 22

The Inclusion of AUO in the Bloomberg’s 2020 Gender-Equality Index for Three Consecutive Years

Today (January 22), AUO announces its inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, GEI for three consecutive years. The GEI has included companies from 42 countries covering 50 industries, and AUO has achieved excellent performance in a number of evaluation items, an indication of its long-term efforts on gender issues and a friendly workplace culture.

The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index refers to the US financial professional media “Bloomberg”, that through five scoring dimensions examines the importance of gender equality given by global enterprises from various fields, including the Female Leader & Talent Pipeline, Equal Pay & Gender Pay Parity, Inclusive Culture, Sexual Harassment Policies, and Pro-Women Brand. Each year, global enterprises with a high degree of gender equality fulfillment are selected. This year, 325 companies were included in the GEI, the majority of which were from the financial industry. Under the circumstances that more companies from the technology industry participated compared to previous years, AUO has continued to achieve outstanding performance in all aspects.

AUO has long valued the wellbeing of its employees, creating a friendly workplace in terms of career development and care. Within the company, female employees holding management positions tallied as of the end of 2019 account for nearly 28%, reaching the career goal; a fair and objective performance management mechanism has been established to comprehensively link the salary and benefit system of equal remuneration for men and women workers for work of equal value. In addition to the diversified and unobstructed sexual harassment prevention measures, there is also the Program for All-inclusive Maternal Care conducted in three phases that not only enables pregnant employees to fully receive resources, but also assists employees returning from their parental leave to quickly adapt to life in the workplace and seamlessly connect job and family.

AUO continues to pay attention to the surrounding neighborhood, sparing no effort to invest resources and hard work and it is committed to assisting the vulnerable and women in seizing second employment opportunities, helping with community elderly care and meal delivery services, and actively fulfilling the corporate core value of social care.

AUO’s launch of the Program for All-inclusive Maternal Care is intended for its female employees to balance both job and family.