2021 / 04 / 15

AUO Presents New Eyecare Displays with Exclusive Built-In A.R.T. Technology to Protect Eyesight for Professionals

Anti-glare and anti-reflection properties achieving premium paper-like image quality,perfect for gaming, artistic creation and medical fields

The remote working and new normal in the post-pandemic era force consumers to spend more time using electronic products. From the perspective of users, AUO delves into factors like the environment when using the screen, ergonomics and the cause of eye strain and develops the industry-leading A.R.T. (advanced reflectionless technology)(*). The display featuring non-reflective surface, anti-glare and anti-reflection creates reading quality and exquisite image quality superior to paper. To further meet user demand, in Touch Taiwan 2021, AUO integrates A.R.T. with various proprietary designs to showcase a series of eyecare solutions protecting the eyes of users who need to look at the screen for a long time, such as gamer, content creator and medical personnel.

Cutting-edge A.R.T. Technology Safeguarding Gamers’ Eyes for Gaming Streaks
Focusing on the pain point of eye strain caused by looking at the screen for a long time and the need for a display featuring high image quality, high contrast and low latency, AUO leads to debut a 27-inch QHD 300Hz gaming display integrating A.R.T. and AUO proprietary Dual Drive design to effectively reduce distractions resulting from the reflection or glare of ambient light. A low latency of 1ms further ensures smooth operations and helps gamers concentrate on the competition.

A.R.T. Empowered 8K Display Showing Paper-Like High Image Quality for the Most Particular Content Creators
For workers highly stressing image details, like content creator or picture/text editor, AUO incorporates A.R.T. and LTPS processing technology with high conductivity to release the world’s first(*) 32-inch 8K4K professional editing monitor panel. The 8K resolution can display ultra-high resolution of up to 275ppi, which is no inferior to printing paper with high precision. Moreover, the high penetration rate and energy-saving effect realized by a simplified circuit allow the user to review all sophisticated details when drawing, editing the video or viewing photos.

For content creators demanding touch functions, AUO integrates in-cell touch technology to release the 15.6-inch notebook PC panel featuring A.R.T. Glass technology to further upgrade panel hardness. Characteristics including excellent anti-glare property and smooth operation can fully satisfy the need of scenarios requiring touch control.

AUO Exclusive A.R.T. Glass Display Technology Facilitating Accurate Medical Diagnosis 
To meet the stringent requirements of precise and high-quality image and color in medical field, AUO leads to debut the world’s first(*) 21.3-inch A.R.T medical panel; the introduction of A.R.T. Glass technology as well as high-quality image display of 900 nits and high contrast of 2000:1 AHVA allows medical personnel to make more precise diagnosis when interpreting the image results of radiology and modality without being affected by ambient light, while eliminating dangers to eyesight reading for a long time. The monitor screens, adopting the A.R.T. Glass technology, make cleaning easier and prevent the screen surface from being scratched.

Unique A.R.T. Style Perfectly Merges into the Environment Showing Crystal-Clear Images Even Under Sunlight
Except for various eye care applications based on user-centric design, the unique image quality with high resolution and color saturation and the feature effectively reducing ambient light reflection make the A.R.T. technology excellent for fields with exceptional interior design requirement. For example, a smart retail vertical needs to change the panel frequently; by decorating with A.R.T. display, the content is crystal-clear and easy to read even in the outdoors with direct sunlight. The one-stop solution also allows the store to replace the painting or content at any time. For environments demanding high color accuracy, such as digital creator, printing industry, photography exhibition or painting exhibition, A.R.T. can also provide a satisfying solution.

2021 Smart Display Innovative Application Forum will be held concurrently with the exhibition. AUO Senior Associate Vice President Jennifer Lin will deliver a speech entitled “New-generation Display Technology Innovation and Cross-domain Applications” on April 22. We cordially welcome you to visit us at Touch Taiwan 2021 to experience the infinite possibilities brought by AUO technology and solution.

* Based on the available market research information as of April 15, 2021.


AUO 27-inch QHD 300Hz gaming display, equipped with A.R.T. technology,
effectively reduces distraction resulting from reflection or glare of ambient light.

AUO 32-inch 8K4K professional editing monitor display demonstrates paper-like ultra-high resolution.

AUO world’s first 21.3-inch A.R.T medical panel with A.R.T. Glass technology allows precise diagnosis
to be made without being affected by ambient light, and is scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean.