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AUO Receives the Highest Honor of "2020 Taiwan Circular Economy Awards Exemplary Award"

This year, AUO received the Taiwan Circular Economy Awards for the second year in a row after receiving the inaugural Taiwan Circular Economy Awards and the Innovation Award last year. AUO left the judges with favorable impressions and stood out from among 50 enterprises to clinch the "Exemplary Award," the top honor in the company award category with its all-round circular economy strategy and outstanding performance.

Hosted by the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, the Taiwan Circular Economy Awards encourage enterprises to engage in circular economy thinking, creating a concept unconventional to the traditional linear economy and recycling economy, making it the first circular economy-themed award in Taiwan. Furthermore, it has collaborated with 2 major international certification institutions including the British Standards Institution (BSI) and UL to examine the performance of enterprises in implementing the various aspects of circular economy management through selection criteria that place equal emphasis on qualitative and quantitative attributes.
Since launching our green commitments in 2008, AUO has vigorously drawn up the circular economy blueprint and supported the SDG-12 responsible production, therefore the judges have all commended AUO's performance in circular economy. According to AUO CTO Liao Wei-Lun: "AUO will continue to examine and refine the reduction management of raw materials throughout the production process and we will ally with upstream and downstream value chains to consolidate our technology and innovation foundation, thereby realizing and expanding the benefits of the circular economy by taking action to achieve the target growth rate of 135% by 2025."

AUO Chairman and CEO Paul SL Peng was invited to attend the "Master Forum of TASS 2020 (Asia's Sustainable Supply & Circular Economy Conference and Exhibition)," where he shared the opportunities and challenges faced by Taiwanese enterprises in the post-pandemic era. He commented: "Faced with the impact of global warming and the pandemic, all existing work and supply chain structure will be irreparably changed, while uncertainty will affect all industries in the future. If the company wishes to maintain its competitiveness and capitalize on the opportunities, it has to uphold sound management and the ability to adapt to change, as well as forge a strong alliance with partners in the value chain in a bid to foster a sustainable future."

To integrate sustainable corporate development with the core operational strategies, as well as to materialize "Circular Production," one of AUO's 10 major sustainability goals before 2025, AUO has formed the "Circular Economy Working Group" that operates across different departments via horizontal integration. Comprehensive tracking indicators have been formulated in the product, manufacturing, and supply chain dimension. These include reduction at the source, product circularity certification, increase in the recycling and reuse of materials, and reduction in waste generation during the production process. Furthermore, AUO has collaborated with our partners to recycle packaging materials, develop reclaimed materials technology and circular materials during the production process, thereby achieving the goal of circular economy by taking action. Additionally, in terms of water and energy resource management, AUO constantly refines our proprietary technology and smart applications that can be offered as external services. For instance, U-Fresh Technology Inc., a subsidiary of AUO, provides 100% processed water recycling technology as well as solar power plants and smart operations and management systems, allowing the comprehensive application of various resources.

AUO upholds the core spirit of protecting the Earth in a bid to achieve a circular economy with our partners. In the future, we will vigorously ally with our upstream and downstream value chains to search for new opportunities in sustainable development.
AUO is the recipient of the "2020 Taiwan Circular Economy Awards – Exemplary Award;
" the award was presented by EPA Deputy Minister Shen Chih-Hsiu (left) and received by AUO CTO Liao Wei-Lun (right).
AUO Chairman and CEO Paul SL Peng attends the Master Forum of "TASS 2020 (Asia's Sustainable Supply & Circular Economy Conference and Exhibition),
" sharing the opportunities and challenges faced by Taiwanese enterprises in the post-pandemic era.