AUO Wins Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards in 12 Categories, Stepping Up to Become the Enterprise Winning the Most Awards

The Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) awards ceremony was held today (28th). AUO Optronics Corporation won 12 award categories for its excellent sustainability performance, including the Corporate Comprehensive Performance category “Ten Most Sustainable Company Awards”, the Corporate Sustainability Report category“Electronic Information Manufacturing- Platinum Award, and“English Reportage Award-Gold Award”, as well as the Best Performance of Specific Category“Climate Leadership Award”, “Circular Economy Leadership Award”, “Sustainable Water Management Award”, “Social Inclusion Award”, “Creativity in Communication Award”, “Transparency and Integrity Award”, “People Development Award”, “Gender Equality Award”, and “Supply Chain Management Award”. AUO has received recognition from the judges in environmental, social, and governance fields, making it the enterprise receiving the most awards this year.

The TCSA organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy is a highly credible domestic corporate sustainability award. AUO Chairman and CEO Paul Peng said, “AUO as a global corporate citizen continues to adopt fast and flexible strategic guidelines to cope with the impact of climate change, including fostering solidarity, consensus, and a CSR-based corporate culture through the operations of the sustainability committee; jointly promoting external energy conservation and carbon reduction with upstream and downstream suppliers, creating environmental benefits with partners through the influence of the value chain, and fulfilling the CSR spirit step by step along the path of sustainability".
AUO's corporate core competitiveness is aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to outline EPS in three aspects (Environmental, People, Society). For the environmental aspect, AUO promotes the development of low-carbon production and green products, and develops low-power consumption and energy-saving products through the product lifecycle concept. In addition, through advanced processes, material usage can be increased, while the energy consumption of various products is minimized. In conjunction with the value chain, the goals of reducing cumulative daily water consumption by 100,000 tons and carbon emissions by 6.5 million tons by 2025 are expected to be reached. With outstanding environmental performance, AUO received the recognition of the “Climate Leadership Award”,“Circular Economy Leadership Award”, and“Sustainable Water Management Award”this year.

In terms of corporate governance, AUO’s high-standard corporate governance mechanism is well demonstrated through the “Transparency and Integrity Award”. It has for ten consecutive years won the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DSJI) and has been ranked top 5% in the Corporate Governance Evaluation Survey by the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). In the “Talent Development Award” and “Gender Equality Award” winning categories, AUO adheres to the people-oriented spirit, not only giving emphasis to employee career development and talent training and creating a happy workplace of gender equality in such aspects as venues, diet, activities, and systems, but also initiating the cross-industry and inter-departmental Gap of Learning and Field (GOLF) to call on 21 enterprises and 42 schools to join and seamlessly meet the schools and industries’ demand for talents, thereby achieving a three-way win situation for enterprises, students, and society.

Upholding the ideal of “take from society; give back to society”, AUO participated in the“AUO Micro Gallery”set up at the Taichung Flora Expo in 2018, successfully gathering 2,400 employees and their family members to join as volunteers. The AUO Micro Gallery that combines technology and the beauty of nature has inspired all sides to attach importance to nature and exert a positive influence in society, for which AUO gained the recognition of the “Social Inclusion Award”. At the same time, the AUO Micro Gallery serving as one of the communication channels for interested parties attracted over 400,000 people to visit during the exhibition period, for which the company was awarded the “Creativity in Communication Award”.

In response to the SDGs’ strengthening global partnerships, AUO has shared its CSR experience and results thorough the CSR Partner Conference, Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) audit practice sharing, CSR report writing, and other courses. AUO has not only won the “Supply Chain Management Award” in recognition of its efforts in sustainable supply chain management, but has also received A-level leadership in the international Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) supplier engagement rating items. Upholding the spirit of sharing, guidance, and paradigm setting, the AUO advocates in-depth partnership with its suppliers to become a role model in the industry and create a sustainable CSR ecosystem.
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