2020 / 05 / 27

AUO Heads Space4Money in Building Smart Showcase for Taiwan’s National Palace Museum

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TWSE: 2409) has leveraged its profound display technologies and teamed up with Space4Money, the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary specializing in smart retail software and hardware integration solutions, to deliver Asia’s largest interactive Smart Collection Wall(*) and Information Wall displays, officially unveiled today at the Orientation Gallery of Taiwan’s National Palace Museum. Following the successful completion of smart retail spaces for leading domestic telecommunications companies, restaurant chains, creative arts and department store brands, AUO once again leads Space4Money to wield its exceptional expertise in product technologies and smart interactive solutions to offer a brand new experience for visitors to the National Palace Museum.

“AUO and Space4Money are delighted to have joined in building a smart orientation space for the National Palace Museum. At this very center of the Chinese cultural and art heritage, we have applied cutting-edge display and smart interactive technologies to present an all-new experience for museum visitors right at the starting point of the tour,” said Andy Yang, AUO’s Vice President of Strategic Investment & New Business Operations. “In the future, Space4Money will continue to advance digital transformation by making best use of its cloud computing and software and hardware integration capabilities to introduce more innovative concepts for smart showcasing, and combining advanced display technologies and creative arts content so that audiences far and wide enjoy a personal touch to their visiting experience.”

To meet the new trends of smart showcasing and digital creative arts, Space4Money has partnered with Digimax Inc., the world's premier animation studio, to achieve a melange of technology and humanities with its interactive smart showcase integrating the National Palace Museum’s digital archive of artifacts in the Orientation Gallery. Among the installations, the Smart Collection Wall, measuring at 12 meters in width, is currently the largest(*) of its kind in Asia. The interactive wall uses 20 pieces of AUO’s 55-inch high spec video wall displays, boasting high resolution, low reflection, and appealing extreme narrow bezel design. The bezel with displays assembled is a mere 1.8mm wide, forming an almost seamless single large screen for viewers to see a full spread of images and enjoy an immersive viewing experience. The Smart Collection Wall, inspired by the museum's Qing dynasty "Carved Sandalwood Curio Box with 32 Items", has an intuitive and friendly user interface and infrared sensor design to allow several users to select, drag and swipe pictures, videos, animations, 360-degree digital models, and writing interpretations of over 300 artifacts at the same time. After accessing the virtual artworks, visitors are encouraged to explore further the actual collections in the museum. On both sides of the Orientation Gallery, the Information Walls, each composed of four 55-inch video ​​wall displays, showcase the latest museum exhibitions and events information for visitors to get a sneak preview.

As a leader of commercial and industrial displays, AUO will continue to extend from its core competence of displays as a critical interface, and through wholly-owned subsidiaries including ComQi and JohnRyan in the U.S. and Europe, which specialize in digital signage software and hardware integration solutions, and the full support of AUO’s group companies to develop business, transportation, medical, industrial and educational verticals, building smart commercial and industrial IoT ecosystems with customers and partners to seize the new business opportunities of digital transformation in each vertical with maximum synergy.